Make your office or public wifi work for you. Deliver your ads right to the next potential client.  

HS Network Manager is the award winning accounting and billing solution for hotspot and PPPoE requests. HSNM is a professional solution that provides the functionalities extension of the existing network structures. It is the right solution made suitable for all, wide and small, WiFi needs. Smart hotspot solution for value-added services at your fingertips. The solution is out-of-the-box and it can be easily set up within your existing hotspot network.




WELCOME PORTAL: The window of your hotspot service!

This captive portal breaks with the traditional and static login presentations and it allows building up dynamic set of contents useful to make interactive the hotspot Welcome. End users want to be engaged on what they have chosen. Hotspot becomes a place to stay, not only a passage to reach the web. 


Optimize the experience for users on the move with Welcome Portal
The solution detects if the user is connected from mobile or desktop device and shows the right resolution for the selected device. Welcome Portal is 100% responsive and it adapts perfectly to iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone. In this way, when a visitor tries to connect himself to the hotspot welcome portal, no troubles will come back. A pc or a mobile phone, a tablet will show the hotspot portal in the best way ever.


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