In today’s dynamic business environment, the business processes are getting complex raising the need for better availability and improved responsiveness at reduced operational costs. Globalization has enforced modern enterprises to work regardless of the confines of geographical boundaries.We support can virtually any existing telephony system across many brands.

Today businesses are migrating towards IP as an alternative to existing telecom infrastructure for cost-effective communications and optimum utilization of telecom resources. We can offer an IP telephony solution not only brings convenience to business communication, but also significantly reduces call costs and improves employee productivity and responsiveness. These solutions provide capability to deliver voice services over existing data networks and operate alongside existing communication infrastructure. Through our partners we can provide state of the art solutions.

Featured Product


NAVAN CNX200 is an all-in-one office solution for small businesses and enterprise branch offices with up to 24 users. It combines the functionalities of IP-PBX, Data router, Wi-Fi access point, VoIP-GSM gateway, VPN and Firewall Security in a compact and converged platform. A true office-in-a-box, CNX200 innovates the way small businesses communicate and manage infrastructure, so that they can increase productivity, lower costs and enhance collaboration with customers and suppliers.


  • VoIP Telephony  Get the power of business-class telephony features as available with large systems such as mobility, teleworking, voice mail, auto-attendant, shared lines, remote extensions, web-based management and lot more.
  • Data Networking  Consolidate wired and wireless data networks together using built-in Wi-Fi access point and 8 Port LAN Switch to simplify deployment and management of IT infrastrucre. Also routing features such as port forwarding/triggering, NAT/STUN, DHCP server, static route and quality of service eliminates the need to install external data routers.
  • Internet Accessibility Ensure seamless business continuity with multiple options for internet connectivity. Ethernet, 3G/HSPA embedded modules and USB modems are supported with auto fall-back options.
  • Workplace Mobility Enable wireless access to voice and data services on laptop, mobile handsets and tablets. With built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, users can surf internet, make/receive calls using VoIP/GSM/PSTN lines, share presence and IM while roaming anywhere in the office.
  • GSM/3G Connectivity Stay connected with business communications even in non-availability of leased line networks. Embedded GSM3G modules and USB modems connectivity helps users to make/receive calls and surf high speed internet on mobile phones, laptops and PDAs.
  • Virtual Private Networking Extend secure access to business applications and information with central offices, remote workers and partners. Standards-based SSL/IPsec/PPTP/L2TP VPN tunneling protocols makes CNX200 interoperable with other VPN enabled devices.
  • Smartphones as Office Extensions Turn any Android phone or iPhone smartphones into office extensions. It delivers entire portfolio of call management features such as dialing by extension number, caller ID, call hold, transfer, 3-way conference and voice mail access on Android/iPhone smartphones.
  • Phone Options Empower users to stay in touch with business communications from any part of the world. Users can flexibly select from IP phones, PC softphones, analog phones and Android/iOS smartphones as office extensions.


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